JANUARY 28th-29th


Thank you so much for your interest in Coley & Co's pocket boudoir session. 


Most boudoir sessions begin as a gift for others, but ultimately boudoir is for yourself. It captures your inner and outer beauty. It celebrates the human experience and embraces life, and is an all-around empowering adventure. 


The sweet whisper of seduction in every photograph makes a boudoir session stay timeless, capturing a momentary time in your life when you truly felt beautiful.


Your session will begin with a glass of champagne and a sexy dry style by the amazing Caris Whetstone. She will add romantic eyelashes to give you that extra vavoom. Caris can also help touch-up your make-up that you bring with you. 


Our location is a beautiful home located in German Village @ 435 E Kossuth St, Columbus, OH 43206, USA. This home is full of natural light which provides a quiet intimacy that can be both soft or moody. The home has beautiful, rustic floors and furniture, as well as an amazing claw-foot bathtub and stone shower.



Boudoir pocket sessions are $400 - hair/lashes included 

The entire sessions will last about 1.5 hours, including hair styling. You will receive 10-15 professional images. Every image is handled with care. They get treated with impeccable digital airbrushing and editing so each image is flawless and true to the Coley & Co style. These will be available in an online, password-protected gallery.

You will also receive 5x7 prints in a boutique package mailed to your home. 


For an additional $130, consider a 5x5 little black book with a 10 page spread as a pre-wedding, anniversary, or personal gift. (no guarantee for Valentines day delivery)


Coley & Co Boudoir tips:


-remember, less is more. We focus on letting the imagination run wild with the images, we can do sexy things with just a sheet!!

-we suggest neutral toned lingerie with one or two bold accents, but t-shirts can be sexy also, do not feel you need to buy anything, we will work with your items
-wear what makes you feel comfortable

-please arrive with hair washed and dried
-make sure you are groomed in all the right spots - if waxing, do it at least 5 days prior to avoid bumps
-DO NOT spray tan
-manicure/pedicure; your hands and feet WILL be photographed (we will not 'fix' chipping polish)
-wear loose fitting clothing the day of to avoid clothing lines
-bring sexy shoes without major scuffs
-pack as many wardrobe options as you want, we can help pick out what will photograph best
-avoid thongs unless you LOVE your booty

-remember to tell us what you love about your body and the things that make you a bit more self-conscience

-bring a friend if you want some extra support

-you must be on-time as we have booked back-to-back sessions


Remember to come into this session with an open mind, confidence, and to not worry about posing. This is our job, we are professional body stylist and we will MAKE YOU LOOK AMAZING. 

This session will probably change your life. It's going to be an experience and a very uplifting one.


Please let us know if you would like to move forward to schedule your session and we will provide a link for booking.


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